Cassandra Ulrich, Author
"Discover Beauty Within." "Live Life. Love Intensely."
"Discover Beauty Within." "Live Life. Love Intensely."
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If It Kills Me
Danny R.O.S.S.
If It Kills Me


A story about an average American guy with a problem.  He's fallen for his roommate's girl.

Jaeson Rhodes had a great Accounting job and a pretty girlfriend.  However, life had other plans.  In a attempt to piece his life together with a job at a local coffee shop, he laid eyes on a beautiful girl, who he soon found out already belonged to his new roommate.  Of all the luck!

Then, they become friends...good friends.

More to come....

Update on 2/14/18:
     If It Kills Me landed a contract in October 2017 with Keith Publications. Cover reveal will occur after editing has begun.