Cassandra Ulrich, Author
"Discover Beauty Within." "Live Life. Love Intensely."
"Discover Beauty Within." "Live Life. Love Intensely."
Real Purpose
Life Experienced
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A Love Gift
Real Purpose

Real Purpose is one of four poetry books released with words penned during high school and college.  A young artist, Haleigh, created the cover for this book of poems to depict that real purpose is merely being.

An excerpt from Real Purpose: You Are Special.



Is what the eye beholds

when it is pleased.

Not too harsh

Not too plain

Only what makes wishes of

envy come to mind

How can I look like that?

I want to live there

Does it really matter?

Why even is it there?

Are there things that are

a disgrace to look at?

Or is it just how we were raised?

Beauty-a word abused

but not understood

O, what a thing…beauty.

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